Is this really how you’re going to start 2022?

In the spirit of the new year, here’s a little story time…

Last weekend was our last chance to do something together as a family in Tropical North Queensland, where we’ve been living for the last year. 

We decided to go for a hike and visit Finch Hatton Gorge, where there’s a stunning waterfall and deep rock pools for swimming. 

We hiked for 20 minutes in the humid North QLD heat to get to the water and when we arrived I had every intention of jumping in to cool off.  I dipped my toe in the crystal clear water… and it was cooooooold.  My immediate reaction was “nope, too cold – I’ll just sit here on the edge and splash my feet.”

And then a thought came to me.  Just that morning I had read a post by Loni Jane, who had climbed a mountain with her family and found herself half way up, unsure that she could go any further.  While sitting on the side of the mountain and letting her family go on to the top without her, she found herself thinking… “Is this really how you’re going to start your 2022?”  The message was clear.  We set ourselves all these hefty goals each new year and we promise ourselves that we’ll follow through with them.  But so often – too often – we hit the first hurdle and fall back into our old brain habits.  We stop if it gets hard.  We talk ourselves out of things rather than into them.

So I sat on the edge of that crystal clear, bitingly cold water and I thought…. is this really how I’m going to start my 2022?? Is this how I’m going to show up? With every intention to do something but backing out at the first sign of difficulty?  Failing to follow through because it would be too hard to start?  Telling myself that finishing the little things don’t matter, because they’re not the big things?  
The thing is, the little things add up to be the big things.  The big things don’t just show up out of nowhere.  If you want the big things… you gotta do the little things.  Especially when they’re hard.
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So I made the commitment right then and there to walk my talk for 2022.  I took some deep breaths, gathered my resolve and took the leap, literally.  It was fucking freezing.  But somehow, even though it was hard, it didn’t wipe the smile off my face.

And that’s how I started my 2022.  How will you start yours?
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