What I actually do.

Mentoring, facilitation, advocacy, & workshops.  I help to build professional communities that thrive and succeed together through changing and improving workplace cultures and influences.  Cultivating a sustainable and positive working environment requires a holistic approach.  

It’s not about implementing rules and regulations to monitor or police bad behaviour.  It’s about helping each individual to improve their own professional wellness so that they can contribute in a valued & valuable way.

The Wedding 

The Wedding Society is the professional community that I and my partner in business and crime, Sarah May Alexander, have built together.  

With hundreds of wedding industry professionals working together through Community Over Competition, TWS is a thriving hub of support, inclusion, collaboration, and business boosting goodness – living proof that positive workplace culture is entirely achievable, no matter the size or dynamic of your team.


Together, Sarah and I facilitate workshops that focus on improving the wellbeing of your work mindset so that you can create more productivity and authentic success.  

Whether you are a sole trader looking to find a hub of likeminded professionals or you want to boost your wellbeing at an existing workplace, we provide a multifaceted approach that draws on both science-based and intuitive methods of improving job and life satisfaction.

Culture Training

After 15 years in the wedding, healthcare and entrepreneur industries, I have embraced a variety of change management roles, including the implementation of new procedures, building of organisations from the ground up, training of students and graduate staff,  and facilitating workplace culture workshops in Australia, U.S.A and D.R. Congo.


I love working with both startup and established teams to identify & extracts their greatest strengths, while empowering them to build a sense of positivity, support and united purpose.


My true passion and the underlying credit for the success of what we have built comes down to Conscious Leadership.  I absolutely love mentoring others to find & grow their own leadership identity.


True success of any individual business or workplace comes down to being able to lead your cause with empathy, kindness, advocacy and self-reflection.  Creating a sense of trust and loyalty from those around you requires bringing your whole self to the table and showing up with intentional care.