Why I'm here.
(and a little more about me...)

My work-life, passions and skills have grown and evolved over the last 15 years to what is now a curated mix of leadership education, teaching and training expertise, creative writing, public speaking, community cultivation, kindness advocacy, and a smidge of self care.  Just a smidge.  
In short, I teach people how to love themselves, their job, and their professional community.

The creds that makes up this wonderful hodge podge o’ productivity (in case you were sitting on the edge of your seat) are:


  • over a decade working as a nurse in the operating theatres 

  • a Masters Degree with a major in Change Leadership and Management

  • 10 years as a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant

  • five years running educational conferences for wedding industry experts

  • co-creating a professional community of over 6000 business owners


Now, I’m sharing all of this with you – along with my authentic self – in the hopes that you may see the real me, understand the ethos behind the service I provide and connect with me to help you or your team if that’s what’s right.


This is where the hippie stuff comes in, ya ready?

I honestly believe that finding professional happiness requires a holistic approach, or rather, a "Whole"istic one.  It requires you assessing your whole self and connecting to a higher sense of identity or purpose.  Do I mean spirituality?  No, not if that's not your thing.  What I mean is that success, leadership, job fulfilment - it all requires being able to be conscious and aware of who you are fully and working on the connection to that identity.

My service incorporates scientific and evidence based methods & strategies, but it also focuses on the ‘self’ and all the stuff that science can’t measure.  Self care is a form of work and working with me means focusing on your personal wellness as well as your professional health.  I, myself, am all about having the right people drawn to this mission and having those it does not serve find something else that works for them.  I value science and data, but I equally embrace the wonders of the universe that make this life so magic.

Oh, and I bloody love crystals.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.